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Uusi seurapeli nintendo switchille1-2-Switch is a party game in which players do not rely on what is happening on a screen, but rather make use of audio cues and the functionality of the Switchs Joy-Con controller to immerse themselves in several different games. Most of the games involve two players, who each use one of the Joy-Con controllers and are often encouraged to look at each other during gameplay. Aside from tutorial videos for each game, players rely solely on audio cues and feedback from the Joy-Cons HD Rumble feature to indicate how well they are playing each game.Some featured game-types include:Quick Draw: Resembling a cowboy showdown, both players must point their controllers downwards and, upon receiving the order to fire, must aim their controller and fire before their opponent.Milk: Players must use gestures and specific button presses in order to milk a virtual cow, with the aim to milk more jugs than their opponent.Copy Dance: Each player takes turns making dance poses, which the other player must copy in time to the music. Players are scored based on their performance.Samurai Training: One player makes an overhead sword swinging motion while the other player must clap their controller, as if they were catching a sword with their bare hands. Players take it in turns until one player fails to catch their opponents sword.Table Tennis: A table tennis game in which players must listen to rhythmic audio cues to hit back a ping pong ball. Players can perform lobs and smashes to alter the flow and try to throw off their opponent.Eating Contest: A single-player game which makes use of the right Joy-Con controllers IR motion camera. Players hold the controller a short distance from their mouth and make biting motions to try and eat as many sandwiches as they can within the time limit.Safe Crack: Players must race to open up a safe by twisting the Joy-Con controllers to turn a dial, paying attention to bumps from the controller.Ball Counting: Using the Joy-Cons HD Rumble feature, players must guess how many balls are rolling around inside a box



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