PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions – Essentials


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<p>Sustained by Lord and Light, the twin-headed lion reigns over the kingdom of Ivalice.<br><br>A year has passed since the loss of the Fifty Years’ War. The prince, though but two years of age, has ascended the throne, his father having been claimed by sudden malady. Too young to rule, the prince requires a regent, who would be king in all but name. The queen's brother, Duke Larg, had seemed the obvious choice for the regency. However, fearing the influence such an appointment would give the queen, the Council refused to back him. Instead, they appointed the king's younger cousin, Duke Goltanna, as regent.<br><br>Duke Goltanna and Duke Larg were both generals who had distinguished themselves during the Fifty Years' War. Duke Goltanna counts as ally the greater part of the aristocracy loyal to the Crown. However, the fallen nobility and free knights left in the aftermath of the Fifty Years' War have aligned themselves with Duke Larg. With Duke Goltanna under the banner of the Black Lion, and Duke Larg under that of the White, the stage is set for what history would one day record as the War of the Lions.</p><b>Features:</b><p><p>Final Fantasy turns tactical: Experience strategic, turn-based Final Fantasycombat on 3D battlefields brought to life with breathtaking art and stunningvisual effects.<br><br>Customise your Final Fantasy characters: With 22 jobs and over 400 abilities tochoose from, the tactical combat options of Final Fantasy Tactics are nearlyendless.<br><br>Uncover secret truths! Final Fantasy Tactics presents a gripping tale ofintrigue, betrayal, heresy, love and heroism.<br><br>Recruit legendary SQUARE ENIX characters: Includes Balthier from Final FantasyXII and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII<br><br>cutting-edge animation: Watch Final Fantasy Tactics' key scenes unfold throughgorgeous, cutting-edge animation.<br><br>Captivating audio score: Immerse yourself in a soundtrack from Hitoshi Sakimoto,the composer of Final Fantasy XII.<br><br>Fight against your friends: Play Final Fantasy Tactics' wireless melee mode, orteam up for tactical co-op missions!<br> </p></p>



Tilaustuote, toimitusaika ei vahvistettu, kysy saatavuutta (puh. 010-022 31)














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